About we

We want to discover Colombia of authentic form

Colombia is a country with thousands of stories to tell in its immense mountains in the Andes, its beautiful colonial towns, its enchanting landscapes in the eastern plains and its incredible beaches in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. All this combined with its culture, its people and its delicious gastronomy make Colombia a mega diverse country with a charming spirit, ready to be explored.

Colombia is changing. For many years the armed conflict prevented many tourists from visiting this enchanting country. All those who risked to visit Colombia became our ambassadors because they lived the wonderful landscapes and shared the joy of our people, they saw our true spirit. It is increasingly safe to travel through Colombia, which provides the possibility of traveling through our territory.

Our reason for being

Offer different, autochthonous and enriching travel experiences for both travelers and for the communities they visit in order to promote a deeper tourist in their travels, who understand local life in Colombia and who enjoys the diversity offered by the territory.


Hand in hand with our local allies, by 2020 we will be the company that offers the most authentic road trip experiences for local and foreign tourists who want to explore and get to know Colombia in depth.

For this reason, Road Trip Colombia wants to offer local travelers and from all over the world the possibility of traveling and enjoying this wonderful country. Travel kilometer by kilometer comfortably and safely, and experience our great diversity. For this, we want to involve local communities to interact, tell their stories, show their culture and their talents. We believe in the social and economic inclusion of local communities, and they also receive the benefits of responsible and sustainable tourism, meaningful tourism.

We want to discover Colombia in an authentic way. Discover its nature, its gastronomy, its culture, its colonial towns. We want to share with your people and know your charming spirit.

Declaration of values

  • I travel by road and enjoy every moment.
  • Respect and tolerance of intercultural environments and their customs.
  • I support the local economy and its talents.
  • I am curious … I stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experiences with others, I learn from their culture and their history.
  • I promote responsible tourism at a fair price.
  • I discover, I enjoy, I smile and I free myself!
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