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8 One-Day Hikes to Escape from Bogotá

8 One-Day Hikes to Escape from Bogotá

A perfect plan is a one-day hike near Bogotá City, and there are many reasons for it. Bogotá has a privileged location; it is surrounded by mountains, different ecosystems, and even hosts Sumapáz, the largest páramo in the world. This makes Bogotá an ideal place to look for ecological hikes.

Hiking is the perfect option for those who do not have much time and want to find something healthy, entertaining, and beneficial to do. In just one day, you could cover more than 11 kilometers enjoying trails that will take you to magnificent places, majestic waterfalls, spectacular viewpoints, and the best part: the biodiversity of Colombia. We are rich in fauna and flora, so much so that Colombia is home to 20% of the birds that exist in the world. In several of these destinations, you can observe the different species of birds that only exist in Colombia and surround the forests like guardians who take care of the territory.

Our hikes will take you on a unique experience, connected with nature, allowing you to enjoy fresh air out of the city. There are plans for those who have never practiced hiking or for experienced mountaineers, for those looking for a peaceful walk, and for those seeking extreme sports. For those looking for a family plan or with friends, and for those who go alone, there is nothing better than meeting new people who share your affinity for this type of plan.

There are different options according to the hiker's level of experience; you can choose whether you want to go to a place with a mild or cold climate. If you enjoy adventure and want to find waterfalls, streams, or lagoons along the way, there are different options, as well as different ecosystems such as high Andean forest, Andean forest, páramo, or sub-Andean forest. This is a selection of 8 destinations close to Bogotá where you can go hiking, and why not? Make hiking a way of life.

Intro Bogota

Sumapáz Páramo

It is the largest páramo in the world and offers us the opportunity to explore this unique ecosystem. Its is possible to contemplate different species of plants belonging to these ecosystems, in addition to enjoying a unique landscape in the world.

Sumapáz National Natural Park is a restricted area that does not allow tourist activities such as hiking; however, there are buffer zones in which trails have been enabled that can be traveled with ease. With the accompaniment of our local guides, you will have access to one of the most important places in the world for being an unparalleled water reserve.We are fortunate to walk this territory that for many years was not allowed by the Colombian internal conflict.

What to see in the Sumapáz Páramo? We will pass by Ciudad Bolívar district, see the Chisacá and La Regadera reservoirs, get to know the Ubchiqua Lagoon, and then explore the majesty of the largest páramo in Colombia and the world, Sumapáz Páramo. Don't miss our favorite hike; if you want to know more, you can find all the information here: Hiking Sumapáz Páramo, the Largest Páramo in the World!


La Chorrera Waterfall

The La Chorrera waterfall, with a length close to 590 meters, is the highest in Colombia. There is an adventure park there that allows us to explore the beauty of the mountains, replace the noise of the city with the singing of birds and the sound of falling water from the waterfall. One of the favorite places for hiking enthusiasts is this one, a must-see if you are looking for new adventures.

What to see at La Chorrera? The road that takes us from Bogotá to Choachí is a narrow corridor with an imposing landscape. Before arriving in Choachí, we will take a detour to visit the La Chorrera Adventure Park, where we will have a space for authentic connection with nature and see the El Chiflón waterfalls, and of course, La Chorrera. We know you want to learn more about this incredible plan, so we invite you to learn more by clicking on Hiking through Cloud Forest to the Highest Waterfall in Colombia, La Chorrera.


The Farallones of Sutatausa

This trail is perfect for those who are starting in the world of hiking. It is a place that, in addition to offering us beautiful landscapes and immense diversity, allows us to learn about the stories of our natives ancestors. Both the trail and the areas surrounding the town preserve places that bear witness to colonization and the processes carried out by the Spanish when they tried to indoctrinate the indigenous communities that inhabited the region. It is a unique destination that will allow us to connect with nature and our ancestors.

What to see in the Farallones of Sutatausa? We will visit the municipality of Sutatausa, which still bears the marks of colonization and is currently known for textiles and handicrafts woven by its inhabitants. We will immerse ourselves in the mountains to skirt the imposing rock formations: the farallones. Additionally, during the trail, we will walk through a pine forest and observe cave paintings, a stretch in which the thickness of the trees will shelter us, and we can enjoy a different day. To learn more about what we have to offer at the farallones, visit our Hiking and Adventure in the Farallones of Sutatausa plan.


Chingaza National Natural Park

One of the favorite destinations for those who enjoy an authentic connection with nature. Chingaza is a territory composed of páramo and high Andean forest, home to countless species of fauna and flora. Hopefully, you may find yourself walking alongside the Andean bear while enjoying the view of the beautiful lagoons and water sources found in this spectacular reserve. We are fortunate to have it very close to the city, and various trails can be found from different entrances.

What to See in Chingaza Park? We have three different plans: Rincón del Oso Trail and Moss Trail, Siecha Lagoons, and Casarriales to Mina de Palacios Trail. Depending on the trail, the starting points vary. Each one has a different attraction, but all have the magic of the páramo that supplies most of Bogotá with water. If we are lucky, we might come across the white-tailed deer or the spectacled bear. In Chingaza, we have three incredible plans that will allow you to get to know this iconic destination in just one day. Don't miss them; learn more by visiting each of our plans: If you want to see unforgettable landscapes, we invite you to check out our Trekking Siecha Lagoons - Chingaza National Natural Park plan. If you want to have a higher chance of encountering beautiful animals, don't miss the Hiking Tour Chingaza Casarriales to Mina de Palacios Trail and Journey in PNN Chingaza: Rincón del Oso Trail and Moss Trail.


Silver Stream Waterfall

Very close to the municipality of San Francisco in Cundinamarca, a beautiful waterfall hides among the mountains. To get there, it is necessary to traverse a beautiful trail, full of different plant species where you will find yourself enveloped in a gorgeous cloud forest. This place also holds many stories of the indigenous communities that inhabited this territory and left their art marked on the stones that still rest there.

What to See at the Silver Stream Waterfall? We will pass through the municipality of San Francisco and walk through a wonderful cloud forest that will lead us to the Silver Stream Waterfall, with a drop of 90 meters and originating from the Cerro el Tablazo. The municipality of San Francisco and this great adventure await you. Learn more details in our Trekking to Silver Stream plan, a fascinating hidden waterfall in the mountains.


The Tunjaque Rock

Near La Calera, there is a rock formation that the Muisca people held in high regard. This is the viewpoint of the villages, where various rituals took place and the exchange of goods was facilitated. From this viewpoint, you can see municipalities such as Choachí, Fómeque, Cajicá, and Zipaquirá. Crossing this trail has some challenges, making it an ideal plan for those who engage in occasional physical activity.

What to See at the Tunjaque Rock? We will see landscapes of the páramo ecosystem and high Andean forest, and we will be fortunate to explore these rock formations and climb the highest rock of all: The Tunjaque Rock. Learn more details about our plan at this destination and don't miss it! Trekking to the Tunjaque Rock: "Viewpoint of the Villages"


The Guacheneque Páramo

The municipality of Villapinzón in Cundinamarca is surrounded by a wonderful place, a páramo that supplies water to thousands of people. This place is under conservation. For years, the Guacheneque Lagoon has been drying up and fragmenting; however, the community and various environmental and governmental entities have worked to preserve and restore its water wealth. Due to this fragmentation, there is the Map Lagoon, a lagoon shaped like the Colombian sketch. There you will also find the Otter's Well, a beautiful natural pool fed by the waters coming from the páramo. This trail is for people who want to start walking, as it is not a difficult trail.

What to See at the Guacheneque Páramo? We will visit the municipality of Villapinzón, get to know the Guacheneque Lagoon and the Map Lagoon, and explore the páramo where the Bogotá River originates, the Guacheneque Páramo. We will see the main attraction of this place: The Otter's Well, which is a water well surrounded by an incredible landscape. Discover this unique destination by visiting our plan Guacheneque Páramo: A Walk to the Birth of the Bogotá River.


Chicaque Natural Park

This natural reserve is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of andean foggy forest. It is the ideal place for those looking for places to hike in an Andean forest. It has a variety of viewpoints, some natural, others man-made, to delight in the view of the landscape that sometimes dissolves in the mist that often covers the forest. There are different trails, depending on the complexity that hikers prefer, and it is also possible to encounter various species of animals that inhabit the area.

What to See at Chicaque Natural Park? We will go to Chicaque Natural Park, where we will find The Refuge, the park's meeting center that also houses a restaurant. Although there are several viewpoints, there is a very special one called "El Mirador," which is the highest point in the park and offers a spectacular view. We will have the opportunity to see different species of plants and possibly animals as well.