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2 Days on the La Miel River, the Amaní Reservoir and the Manso River

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A paradise of crystal clear waters to explore and discover

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The crystal clear waters of the La Miel River are the main setting for this extraordinary journey between waterfalls, rapids and pools ideal for swimming in the middle of the forest. In addition, they will be able to visit and navigate the Amaní reservoir where they will learn its history from local guides and hosts.

Norcasia, Caldas offers an excellent alternative for ecotourism, adventure and rest to awaken the mind and senses in connection with nature.


Day 1

We will meet in the municipality of Norcasia with our local host to visit the La Miel River and “La Clara” waterfall. We will travel 40 minutes by vehicle to the beginning of the trail that will take us to the "La Clara" waterfall among trees, streams, fauna and flora; in addition to the grey-headed titis monkeys that are typical of the area. Here we will enjoy a fantastic natural landscape with emerald green waters, where we will enjoy a refreshing swim, accompanied by a snack.

From the waterfall, we will board a motorized canoe to navigate the La Miel River; It will not be difficult to connect with the beautiful landscapes, we can also perform tubbing in tires descending with the current of the water to enjoy the silence and nature. At the end of the afternoon, we will return to the port to return to Norcasia.

Day 2

After a breakfast with the best of local cuisine. We will visit the Amaní Reservoir and the Manso River. At the Amaní Reservoir, we will navigate until we reach the "Pantángoras" dam; the second tallest dam in the world.

After this tour we will take land transportation to go to the Manso River in a 45-minute journey. In the Manso River, we will take a short tour between: Toucans, Owls, Blue Morpho Butterflies and Yellow Butterflies. Once the itinerary is completed, you will take the vehicle and they will take you back to the urban center where a delicious lunch will await you in the company of the guides. at 2:00 p.m., check out is done to finish your trip.


Honey River

The river bathes this very beautiful livestock area of La Dorada in Caldas, considered the second largest after Montería in Córdoba. It is a beautiful river, where you can do various activities such as sailing along the river, horseback riding along its banks, riding a bicycle or simply walking.

La Clara Waterfall

At the waterfall you can enjoy a beautiful natural landscape, in emerald blue green waters, where you can enjoy a good swim. Here, on the way back you can also do Tubing, an activity that consists of getting on and off on a tire on a 3 km route.

Amani Reservoir

The Patángoras dam, at 188 meters, is the second highest in the world and allows the creation of the Amaní reservoir. With capacity for 571 million cubic meters of water, it will generate 8% of the country's energy.

Norcasia Municipality

This town center located on the right bank of the La Miel River and largely on the Moro River, was founded by Jesús María Carvajal in 1924, the date on which it was given its name, a place from which the Spanish came with cargoes, needing a place to rest. The settlement process of this region experienced a series of waves resulting from the opening of the mining and agricultural frontier and the search for an exit to the Magdalena.


Transportation: internal transportation during the plan (covers transportation to the rural areas of the municipality: Río la Miel, Embalse Amaní, Río Manso). And river transportation during all activities
Accommodation: 1 night of accommodation in independent rooms with double or single accommodation (2 beds/ 1 bed), equipped with a separate bathroom, semi-double bed, TV, nightstand, fan, closet, and qualified personnel for excellent service.
Food: one (1) breakfast, two (2) lunches and one (1) dinner. Varied menu of soups, meats; etc There is a vegetarian or vegan option, inform in advance.
Activities: Tour of the La Miel River and Body rafting and Tubbing activity. Tour to La Clara Waterfall. Boat tour of the Amaní Reservoir and the Pantágoras Dam. Visit and tour of Río Manso to watch wildlife, enjoy the pool
Environmental and cultural interpretation of the territory with local guides
Medical assistance insurance
NOT INCLUDED: Transportation to/from Norcasia.




Travel Equipment:

Sunscreen and lipstick (ideal if natural). Insect repellent. Sunglasses. Canteen, thermos or camelback. Personal towel to use during walks. Small backpack to use during walks. Mask for snorkeling.

Traveler documents: passport, identity card or citizenship card and health insurance card.

Travel clothing:

It is important to wear comfortable clothing, preferably quick-drying, light-colored synthetic clothing. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts or t-shirts. Closed, comfortable shoes for walking and easy drying. You can also bring some additional sandals. Tennis shoes that can get wet. Sandals or Crocs for relaxing. Lightweight raincoat. Dress or swimwear. Hat or cap. Scarf or sarong to protect you from the sun. Long sleeve lycra jumpsuit.



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