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Breaking Borders, Graffiti Tour through the Egypt Neighborhood of Bogotá

4.85(15 reviews)Bogotá, D.C.

Tourism triumphing over violence, let's help break the borders of the Egypt neighborhood

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After many years of violence between criminal gangs, the community and young people of Barrio Egypt decided to break their borders to take advantage of the tourism potential and the talent of its inhabitants.

We will visit this emblematic neighborhood, guided by its inhabitants, we will discover its streets full of works of art that tell the history of the neighborhood. A tour of more than 33 graffiti that tell the story and the new values of transformation, hope and peace.


We will meet at the entrance of the Luis Ángel Arango Library, to meet our guide and walk uphill to the Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Egypt, the church located at the entrance to Barrio Egypt. From this point we will begin our tour through the colorful streets of the neighborhood. Along the way, you will see the history of the people illustrated in impressive graffiti that tells the stories of the neighborhood and its inhabitants.


La Candelaria neighborhood

La Candelaria is town number 17 in the Capital District of Bogotá. The city was founded there on August 6, 1538 and the first church was built. This town encompasses the historic center of Bogotá, as well as an important tourist, educational and commercial center.

Egypt neighborhood

The Egypt neighborhood is recognized for its Three Wise Men festival, celebrated on January 6 of each year. In this event, Catholic traditions are represented, but a process of cultural syncretism is also observed, which includes typical music of the country and the presence of the state in the caravans, among others.


Specialized guide
Time to learn about our history, contribute to the young people of Barrio Egypt and share with other people


Carry out a screening survey and report if you present any of the corona symptoms
Make use of PPE Personal Protection Elements during the trip, follow the recommendations of the trip coordinators and guides.


It is important to wear comfortable shoes for the walk. Also bring sunscreen. And a smile.


Bring a PPE Personal Protective Equipment Kit (masks, antibacterial gel, alcohol spray, glasses, disposable tissues).


4.85(15 reviews)

Avatar Martha

Un tour muy agradable y enriquecedor. Nuestros guías fueron muy amables y nos hicieron sentir seguros. Muchas gracias...

Avatar Olga

Una forma diferente de conocer esta zona de Bogotá. Los guías principalmente mujeres nos comparten la historia de breaking borders. Como siempre muy p...

Avatar Julie

Fue muy interesante conocer contraste entre diferentes barrios de Bogota, y ver todos los lados de la ciudad. He pasado un muy bueno momento, gracias ...

Avatar Maria

La experiencia fue muy valiosa por la calidad de las personas que nos acompañaron. Es una oportunidad de tener un acercamiento a las comunidades popul...

Avatar Jhoan

Una experiencia enriquecedora, que nos muestra un matiz diferente que tal vez muchos no conocemos de nuestra ciudad....

Avatar Luz

Fue mucho mas de lo que esperaba, una experiencia inolvidable donde se puede conocer la Bogota real y las vivencias de personas increibles! Recomendad...


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