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Experience the Magical Realism of Santa Cruz de Mompox

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Mompox, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a jewel of the colonial era that preserves its beautiful colonial architecture on the banks of the Magdalena River.

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On this trip, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez. To do so, you just need to let your imagination soar, walk through the streets of Mompox, feel the breeze from the Magdalena River, and listen to the stories at every corner.

We'll take a journey through history with local guides to explore the religious architecture of the Santo Domingo, San Juan de Dios, San Agustín, and Santa Bárbara churches. We'll also stroll down La Albarrada street, where you'll find Casa 1734 and the Portals of the Marquesa. You'll experience their knowledge, crafts, and traditions in the making of delicious Mompox cheese, forging, and filigree work.

Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to cruise along the Magdalena River by boat and visit the Pijiño marsh, a wonderful spot for birdwatching and learning about the region's flora.


Day 1

On the first day, we will welcome travelers at the hotel, where everything will be ready for check-in. After settling in, changing clothes, and getting comfortable, you can meet Alfredo, a local from Mompox, who will be ready to provide a detailed plan of activities and experiences in this wonderful destination.

The first day will include a City Tour of the Historic Center, where you will walk through the streets, learn about the classic Sevillian architecture, hear anecdotes from the colonial era, visit the cemetery, and see some of the tombs of illustrious figures resting there. Here, you can also receive recommendations for restaurants, shops, and other places to visit.

You can end the evening with a folk dance party in any of Mompox's squares.

Day 2

We will make the most of the second day. In the morning, we will tour traditional crafts such as the production of delicious Mompox cheese, blacksmithing, and filigree workshops where beautiful gold and silver jewelry is made.

At noon, you can visit a delightful restaurant. In the afternoon, we will take a boat trip to visit the Pijino Swamp. During this journey, you will have the opportunity to see a large number of birds and swim in the swamp. We will return to Mompox to rest and spend the last night in this wonderful town.

Day 3

The last day will be free to go shopping, visit the museum, the cultural center, or simply relax and stroll through its beautiful streets.



Founded in 1537, it is one of Colombia's most beautiful and well-preserved colonial towns, earning it international recognition from UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site. During our trip, we can visit: the municipal cemetery, Santander forest, Suán tree, Noria well, 1734 House, Apostles' House, House of Culture, Marquesa's Portals, Bolivar's Stone, and Liberty Square. Additionally, we will stroll through the beautiful streets and the riverside promenade.

Pijino Marsh

A marsh is a large, shallow body of stagnant water with dense aquatic vegetation. This allows for birdwatching of a large number of birds that live and feed in this extensive watercourse. There is also the possibility of bathing in these cool waters, which will surely help to beat the Mompox heat.

Municipal Cemetery

Built in 1845, with its own striking temple, it is not considered a sad place despite being the resting place of loved ones. It is reached via Atrás Street. The presence of many cats in this place and the legend behind them are noteworthy.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

The Cathedral of Mompox was built in 1541 by Pedro de Heredia. Its first construction was a primitive house of straw with bahareque walls. It has had successive transformations until its demolition was decreed in 1839 to build the current church.

Church of Santa Barbara

It is one of the most beautiful churches, and its Baroque-style tower is one of the most significant in the city. A great architectural gem, its construction began in the 16th century. No other building in the city has a Baroque style like this beautiful church.

Liberty Square

Located in Freedom Park in front of the municipal palace. It is important because it was where the people gathered to declare independence, after the council signed the Absolute Declaration of Independence from Spain on August 6, 1810. It features the statue of Simón Bolívar with the words of the liberator, "If I owe my life to Caracas, I owe my glory to Mompox."

Bolivar's Stone

This stone bears the arrival and departure dates of the liberator Simón Bolívar.


Two (2) Nights Accommodation in Mompox
City Tour of the Historic Center
Traditional Crafts Tour
Boat Tour to Pijino Marsh
Assistance and Advice on Restaurants, Bars, Shops, and Places of Interest (From a Local Perspective and Knowledge)
Travel Experience to Make the Most of 3 Days of Magical Realism




Clothing for warm weather. Light luggage.

Swimsuit, Sandals, Sunglasses.

Identification documents.

Water bottle, Hat or cap.

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Comfortable walking shoes. Small backpack for hikes.

Clothing for warm weather. Light luggage. Swimsuit, Sandals, Sunglasses.

Identification documents.

Water bottle, Hat or cap.

Basic and prescribed medications.



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