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Road Trip of Magical Realism: 6 days Bogotá - Guadalupe - Barichara - Girón - Mompóx - Bogotá

4.77(7 reviews)Bogotá, D.C. - Guadalupe - Barichara - Girón - Mompós - Bogotá, D.C.

We're going to discover Colombia by road. We'll visit 3 heritage towns and fantastic natural attractions; Q. Las Gachas, Camino Lenguerke, Cascada Juan Curí, Cañón del Chicamocha, Cienaga de Pirijiño.

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Adventure, Ecotourism, Ruralroadtrip:info.difficultyLevel Medio Bajo departuresFrom Bogotá, D.C. 6 roadtrip:info.days

Mompóx, Bolívar, also known as Mompós, is a marvel declared in our country. Enjoy 6 days of magical realism. We'll visit six incredible destinations: Heritage Towns: Barichara, Girón, and Mompóx. Unique Natural Areas: Quebrada las Gachas, Cascada de Juan Curí, Cañón del Chicamocha, Cienaga de Pirijiño. Taste delicious cuisine in Santander and the Caribbean. Discover authentic Crafts: stone carving in Barichara and filigree in Mompox.

In all our destinations, we'll have local guides who will tell us stories in each territory. We'll have the opportunity to be amazed by beautiful landscapes, enjoy incredible sunsets, and walk through sites full of nature and history.

🌅 Take a swim in the Juan Curí waterfall.

🌅 Visit one of the oldest towns in Colombia: Guane.

🌅 Learn about history while crossing the Lenguerke path between Barichara and Guane.

🌅 Enjoy the Municipality of San Gil.

🌅 Take a refreshing dip in Las Gachas.

🌅 Explore the Municipality of Barichara.

🌅 Discover the town that inspired magical realism: Mompóx.

🌅 Visit the Ciénaga de Pijino.

🌅 Take a boat ride on the Magdalena River.


Day 1

We will travel from Bogotá directly to the Municipality of Guadalupe, a beautiful colonial town with a unique natural attraction: Quebrada Las Gachas. After lunch, accompanied by a local guide, we will visit one of the most beautiful rivers in Colombia. We'll walk for 45 minutes along a royal road where the liberating movement with Simón Bolívar at the helm passed through.

After a refreshing swim, we'll head to Barichara, one of the national heritage towns and an architectural gem from the colonial era, where we'll spend the night.

Day 2

Being in Barichara is a pleasure in itself. Walking its cobblestone streets is a journey through history. Its houses built in rammed earth, with mud tile roofs and white-painted walls, bear witness to the past. Buildings erected in yellow stone give the town an aspect that speaks of history, settlers, tradition, and culture.

We will visit Guane, the cradle of the Guane empire. The pre-Hispanic traces of this town preserve the testimony of the indigenous culture that dominated the region before the conquering incursion. We'll return to Barichara to enjoy another night in this wonderful town.

Day 3

After breakfast, we'll leave Barichara for San Gil to visit the central square of the town and then walk to the beautiful Juan Curí waterfall, where we can take a refreshing bath. We'll return to San Gil for lunch and then travel to the heritage town of Girón. On the way, we can enjoy the impressive Chicamocha Canyon. We'll stop on the road to enjoy its breathtaking view.

We'll arrive in Girón to walk its cobblestone streets filled with white colonial-style houses. Here we can enjoy the night and have a craft beer.

Day 4

Very early, we'll start our journey to Mompox. We'll arrive in Mompóx at noon to visit this historic town. We'll also have a guided tour of this magical city. Mompox was founded in 1537 and is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved colonial towns in Colombia, earning it international recognition from UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Mompox is a historic city, a passage and important storage port for goods to the interior of the country and the Atlantic coast. Situated on the Mompox arm of the Magdalena River, the city magnificently preserves its houses, mansions, streets, temples, and the cemetery, considered one of the most beautiful in the country.

Day 5

We'll have the morning free to visit its jewelry stores and learn about the art of filigree. In the afternoon, we'll visit the Ciénaga de Pijino, where during the boat ride, we'll have the opportunity to see a large number of birds and swim in the swamp.

We'll return to Mompox to rest and spend the last night in this wonderful town.

Day 6

The last day will be for each person to take at their own pace. You can enjoy the Albarrada, the breeze from the Magdalena River, go out to see handicrafts, or take the day to rest.

At 6:00 in the evening, we will depart back to Bogotá.



The Municipality of Guadalupe is an incredible colonial town with three unique natural attractions. Las Gachas stream, known as the Santander's crystal cane, is a large elongated slab where naturally formed holes fill with water, creating natural jacuzzis. El Salitre Pool is a stream of water that warms up with sunlight and is deposited in a series of natural pools sculpted on the rock, also forming natural jacuzzis. And La Gloria Pool, a natural pool ideal for swimming and cooling off.

Las Gachas Stream

This stream is formed by small natural jacuzzis formed on a large stone slab. This, along with the ochre color of the water, gives this beautiful river a unique character.


The preservation of its architecture constitutes an architectural document of the Colonial era. We will visit the Church of the Immaculate Conception, built-in stone, with square towers and a dome similar to that of the Vatican. The Chapel of Santa Barbara, built-in the 18th century, stands out for the set of sculptures located in front of the portal. At the end of the square, the presence of a ceiba tree is highlighted, recognized as the mother tree of the Guane people. The Barichara viewpoint, established next to the abyss of the Suarez River canyon, on the western edge, offers a view of the topographic richness of the municipality.


This plateau, located 10 km from Barichara, was the cradle of the Guane empire for centuries. The pre-Hispanic traces of this locality preserve the testimony of the indigenous culture that dominated the region before the conquest. Legend has it that Guanentá, the last cacique of the empire, decided to throw himself from the Suarez River canyon rather than submit his community to European domination. Buildings, churches, artisanal expressions, and the stories of its inhabitants combine to make Guane a center of tradition and ancestral culture.

San Juan de Girón

The municipality of Girón was founded in 1631. Its colonial-era architecture was recognized as a National Monument of Colombia in 1959, a fact that was regulated in 1963.

Juan Curí Waterfall

Its imposing majesty reveals the hydrographic secrets of a virgin jungle, inviting visitors to walk along a mountainous path, crossing small waterfalls until reaching the great waterfall that exceeds 200 meters in height, and to be an interactive part of all its beauty and enjoy a refreshing swim in a natural pool of over 2 meters deep.


Founded in 1537, it constitutes one of the most beautiful and best-preserved colonial towns in Colombia, which has earned it international recognition by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. During our trip, we can visit: the municipal cemetery, Santander forest, Suán tree, Noria well, House of 1734, House of the Apostles, House of Culture, Marquesa's Portals, Bolívar's Stone, and Freedom Square. Additionally, we will walk through the beautiful streets and the corridor along the riverside.

Pijino Marsh

A marsh is a large, shallow body of stagnant water in which aquatic vegetation sometimes grows very densely. This allows for bird watching, as a large number of birds live and feed on this extensive tributary. There is also the possibility of swimming in these cool waters, which are sure to help relieve the Mompox heat.


Private transportation during the 6-day trip.
Accommodation: 2 nights in Barichara, 1 night in Girón, and 2 nights in Mompox. Option for shared accommodation for 3 people. Double or single room options are also available.
Breakfast included.
Local guides and entrance fees to all attractions: Las Gachas Creek, visit to Guane via the Lengerke Path, Barichara City Tour, Juan Curí Waterfall, guided tour in Mompox accompanied by a local guide, and trip to Pijiño Marsh.
Travel coordinator for assistance and guidance.
Medical assistance insurance included.


Conduct a screening survey and report if you experience any symptoms of coronapp.
Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the trip and follow the recommendations of the travel coordinators and guides.
The minimum age for this trip is 10 years old.


😷 Bring your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit (face mask, hand sanitizer gel, alcohol spray, goggles or face shield, disposable tissues, personal waste disposal bag).

💧 Carry a water bottle and maintain constant hydration.

🧢 Wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. It's important to use sunscreen, especially on your face. Consider using a mineral sunscreen for the face.

👕 Pack light clothing suitable for hot weather for 8 days. We suggest long pants and a long-sleeved shirt as we'll encounter trees with long branches during hikes, which will help avoid scratches. It's also important to bring a raincoat in case of rain.

🥾 Wear comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes. Avoid sandals or fabric tennis shoes. It's important to bring spare shoes in case yours get wet during the journey. Bring a pair of socks that you can tear, you'll need them when passing through Las Lajas.

🩱 Pack your swimsuit and a personal use towel.

💊 Bring your medications and personal documents (health insurance card and ID), as there are no ATMs in the area. We suggest bringing the necessary cash for your personal expenses.

🎒 Avoid using a wheeled suitcase and bring an additional small fanny pack or backpack to carry your personal items during hikes.

🧣 We recommend bringing a blanket for the cold in the early morning when leaving Bogotá.


Relevant Information:

Please be aware that you are responsible for your belongings. Protect your electronic devices and personal documents from rain and humidity.

Make sure your phone is fully charged; this will allow you to take photos and use it in case of emergency.

Your safety is paramount; please be prudent, keep the group in sight at all times, and follow the instructions of the guide or trip coordinator.

Do not participate in hikes if you are sleep-deprived, intoxicated, pregnant, or have medical conditions.

Strictly follow your doctor's instructions regarding injuries, and if necessary, bring your personal medications.


4.77(7 reviews)

Avatar Ana

Súper recomendado, este viaje es espectacular, tiene aventura y mucha belleza natural. Me hubiera gustado al menos pasar una tarde en Girón, llegamos ...

Avatar Nataly

Fue un viaje increíble, lo disfrute mucho, pensaría en que de regreso haya una parada adicional para no hacer del viaje de regreso algo muy largo y de...

Avatar Alexander

Fue una experiencia Maravillosa, superan en mucho las expectativas, los lugares y las ruta son increíbles, Fue mi primer viaje con Road Trip y espero ...

Avatar Karen

Excelente oportunidad para conocer la diversidad paisajística, gastronómica y cultural de dos regiones: Santander y Bolívar, y de los pueblos que las ...

Avatar Johanna

Necesitaba salir de mi rutina de trabajo y encontré el mejor plan de todos con ROAD TRIPS Increíble atención y hermosos lugares en mi país. GRACIAS, G...

Avatar Raquel

La experiencia fue genial, los lugares visitados son realmente hermosos; los hospedajes donde nos quedamos fueron cómodos y muy lindos. Siempre nos es...


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