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Free Walking Tour in the Historic Center of Santa Marta

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A tour for travelers who love history, flavors, graffiti and Caribbean life in the Historic Center of Santa Marta.

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This is a tour designed so that travelers have a complete experience of everything that the Historic Center of Santa Marta has to offer, a complete mix of history, flavors, literature and colors that adorn our city.

We will walk through historic streets which have been mixed with street art from initiatives such as the "Ciclón Callejero" "La Ruta de los Murales" among others, creating a new narrative and new ways of experiencing the historic center.

More than a tour, this is an experience to live with all 5 senses!


Are you ready to explore the origins of one of the oldest cities in America?

We will have a historical tour of Santa Marta walking through its graffiti by local artists. Afterwards, we will walk to the monument to Rodrigo de Bastidas and talk about the life of the founder of Santa Marta.

We will continue the free tour visiting the Gabriel García Márquez Library, which pays tribute to the famous Colombian author. To enjoy the republican architecture of Santa Marta we will go to the Mayor's Office, one of its most emblematic buildings.

While we talk about the customs and traditions of this area of Colombia, we will tour 12th Street, full of cultural centers. Next, we will visit the city's temple par excellence: the cathedral basilica of Santa Marta.

After a stop to refresh ourselves with a typical drink, we will resume the free tour of Santa Marta walking through the Correo alley and Colonial street.


Cathedral Basilica of Santa Marta

It is a Renaissance-style Catholic temple located in the historic center of Santa Marta, Colombia. It was the first built under ecclesiastical jurisdiction in South America.1 In the 19th century, it housed the body of Simón Bolívar for 12 years. Since 1953 it has housed the remains of Rodrigo de Bastidas, the founder of the city.

Gabriel García Márquez Library

In 2018, the Bank of the Republic named its Santa Marta library as: Gabriel García Márquez Library, through an official act, in recognition of the literary legacy of the Nobel Prize winner García Márquez, a symbol of the nation and Magdalena.


The free tours do not have a fixed price, but at the end each person gives the guide the amount they consider based on their satisfaction.




It is important to wear comfortable shoes for the walk.

Also bring sunscreen.

And a smile.



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