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Trekking to the Otún Lagoon

5.00(1 reviews)Pereira - Santa Rosa De Cabal

See the sacred lagoon of Otún

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Travel on a Roadtrip through the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal until you reach the Hacienda Potosí to enter a hiking experience in the middle of Andean forests and we will stop in the region until we reach the incredible Laguna del Otún.


Day 1

We will begin our trip very early in the morning from the city of Pereira, the capital of the coffee region to head towards the Hacienda Potosí where we will receive a paisa-style breakfast. After getting ready, we will begin with a walk along a trail that will show us a complete ecosystem of Andean forest and cloud forest where we will learn about its native flora and fauna. Continuing with our tour we will climb to 3,950 meters high to contemplate the immensity of La Laguna del Otún, a huge natural reservoir that is considered the source of the entire water source of the aqueduct of the city of Pereira.

After sharing an unparalleled moment in Laguna del Otún, we will begin our descent to culminate with lunch in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal, nationally known for its Santa Rosa chorizos.


Hacienda Potosi

A beautiful hacienda that dates back to colonial times.

Otún Lagoon

Glacial lagoon located at 3,950 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy its immensity and the importance that this body of continental water represents for the surrounding communities.

Saint Rose of Cabal

Rirasaldense municipality known for its hot springs and gastronomy


Private transportation from Pereira, Risaralda
1 breakfast
1 lunch
Entrance to the Nevados National Park (Non-resident foreigners must pay an additional $33,000)
Medical assistance insurance
Accompanying guide


It is suitable for all audiences.
Non-resident foreigners must pay an additional $33,000


😷 Carry a PPE Personal Protection Elements Kit (Masks, antibacterial gel, alcohol in a spray bottle, glasses or mask, disposable tissues, bag for personal waste disposal).

💧 It is important to carry a bottle of water and maintain constant hydration, we will go on long walks and maintaining hydration is healthy.

🧢 Wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. It is important to use sunscreen, remember to use a mineral sunscreen for your face.

👕 Pack enough clothes for three days. We suggest avoiding the use of cotton clothing and wearing synthetic fiber clothing that allows quick drying, in general special clothing for high mountains: jacket, quick-drying pants, wool hat, gloves, glasses with UV filter. Don't forget your change of clothes in case you get wet or muddy.

🥾 Wear comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes, in any case avoid ballet shoes or cloth tennis shoes. It is important to bring a change of shoes in case your shoes get wet during the tour.

💊 Bring your medications and personal documents (medical insurance card and ID).

🎒 Don't use a wheeled suitcase. Carry a hands-free backpack to store all the luggage that must be well distributed in plastic bags. Bring a small backpack so you can take your personal items on hikes.

🔦 We suggest bringing a blanket for the cold in the early morning when leaving Bogotá and a flashlight.

🦯 Walking stick (optional).


5.00(1 review)

Avatar Nohemi

Excelente guía, excelente conductor, excelente comida. El premio al final, con un lugar espectacular. Recomendación: alguien del gremio de los operado...


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