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PNN Tayrona by Sports Boat: Visit Playa Cinto, Playa Cristal and Bahia Concha

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Explore the Best Beaches of the PNN Tayrona by Sports Boat: Visit Playa Cinto, Playa Cristal and Bahia Concha

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The Tayrona PNN has 3000 marine hectares of protected area that sink into the sea like the fingers of a gigantic hand between which wonderful bays and inlets are formed. On this tour we will enjoy the most attractive and emblematic beaches: Cinto, Cristal and Concha .

On this sea trip to Tayrona we will be able to observe the unique beauty of the park where the sea meets the emblematic mountains of the Sierra Nevada. We will make three stops where we can enjoy its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you like underwater life you can snorkel, if not you can enjoy the relaxing panorama of this paradise.


We will leave from the International Marina of Santa Marta, we will sail in a 12-person sports boat along the most beautiful beaches of the PNN Tayrona where we can observe the beautiful mountains of the Sierra, we will sail approximately 1 hour to one of the most beautiful beaches, Playa Cinto, a place magical with a diverse landscape full of life, where you can snorkel to see fish of many colors and corals. You can also relax and sunbathe on this paradisiacal beach in the Colombian Caribbean.

We will continue this exciting experience at Playa Cristal, considered the most beautiful beach in the PNN Tayrona, there we will have a delicious typical lunch, where you can enjoy a cheerful atmosphere and swim in its beautiful crystalline waters. and rest on its white sand. Then we will sail by boat to Bahía Concha, where we can rest, snorkel and relax. We will finish the activity and return to the Santa Marta International Marina.


Cinto Beach

On this beautiful beach, the blue of the sky merges with the blue of the crystalline sea, a beach with a calm atmosphere, with a diverse and relaxing landscape, a suitable place for snorkeling.

Crystal Beach

It is considered the most beautiful beach in the PNN Tayrona, the white sand and crystal clear water, which shelters corals and a great diversity of fish.

Concha Bay

It is a beautiful bay surrounded by mountains and tropical dry forest, where you can see the mouth of a stream that harmoniously complements the landscape.


Transportation by sports boat
Typical lunch in Playa Cristal
Medical assistance insurance


The entire trip must be paid through the website up to 3 days before departure.


🌴☀Travel equipment: Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Canteen, thermos or camelback. Towel. Small backpack for personal things.

🤓 Special recommendations: It is very important to be well protected from the sun and constantly hydrated during the trip.

It is important to carry some identification document and waterproof items so that these do not get lost or wet.


4.80(1 review)

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Playas espectaculares. Pasamos un día buenísimo y divertidísimo...


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