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Guided Tour Virgilio Barco Library

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We will take a guided tour of one of the icons of modern architecture in Bogotá, the work of master Rogelio Salmona

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A tour designed by expert architects hired by the Rogelio Salmona Foundation. The tour will highlight the fundamental characteristics of each work and Maestro Salmona's position with each environment, always proposing spaces that encourage coexistence and enjoyment, in addition to highlighting the landscape.

On this tour, together with professional guides in architecture and history, we will visit the complete facilities of the park and the library, passing through the different rooms until we reach its roof where we will have a panoramic view of the park and the city, learning about its curious way of construction. and its history strengthening our knowledge of the city's buildings.


We will meet at the main entrance of the library to take our tour of the park and the Virgilio Barco Library. We will visit its reflecting pools, its surroundings until we reach the entrance of the library where we will begin to tour its facilities, visiting room by room to discover, tour and enjoy the architecture of Salmona. We will have access to its deck where we can uniquely appreciate this incredible construction and its spaces.

We will be able to discover and delve into the influence of Architect Rogelio Salmona through one of his most emblematic works, where we will also be able to contextualize parts of his history for the capital.


Virgilio Barco Park

The Virgilio Barco park is part of the large Simón Bolívar metropolitan park, it has cobblestone paths, a triangular shape that has 14 hectares, has reflecting pools and covered areas.

library Virgilio Barco

This monument of architecture and national culture opened its doors in 2001, it is part of the district network of public libraries, it has an approximate collection of 97,500 volumes including physical, digital and audiovisual material.


Guided tour by cultural and architectural interpreters
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