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Urban Hiking: History and Architecture of Teusaquillo

4.30(4 reviews)Bogotá, D.C.

Let's walk through Teusaquillo! town where the largest number of National Heritage buildings in Colombia is located

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The town of Teusaquillo has a historical and architectural value that is worth knowing. Teusaquillo was inhabited by the capital's upper class when it moved from the historic center of the city, a trend stimulated by the events of Bogotozo in 1948. It was the residence of notable people in national life, such as Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, Enrique Santos Montejo, Laureano Gómez, Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, Otto de Greiff and Mariano Ospina Pérez among others.

Additionally, Karl Bruner, Le Corbusier, Pietro Cantini, among other intellectuals, arrived at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century at the request of President Olaya Herrera, who thought of a modern city and decided to renew the city with large urban projects that included works in the town of Teusaquillo as the Park Way.

🌇 Learn about the history that lives in one of the most iconic sectors of Bogotá.

🌇 Tour the traditional neighborhoods that are in Teusaquillo.

🌇 Get to know the English architecture that is preserved in our city.

🌇 Admire yourself with the cultural processes that this town keeps and the importance for the community.


We will take a walk in the Santa Teresita, La Magdalena, Armenia, Teusaquillo and La Soleda neighborhoods. We will also visit the Brazil Park visited by Pelé.

A destination full of elegance and exclusivity in which great English-style architectural proposals predominated, which today are preserved in what is now the western central area of the capital.

We will walk through its tree-shaded streets, in the morning or in the afternoon. This is the Bogotá that followed that of the Colony and the Republic and preceded that of today. It is Bogotá in balance between the past and the present.


Teusaquillo neighborhood

Teusaquillo set the tone for urban planning. In 1927, it was the most elegant residential sector. In this space the best English-style architectural proposals were consolidated and architects such as Alberto Manrique Martín, Karl Brunner, Galindo Guerra and others met. It marked an important era in the capital's urban planning and architecture. In its time it was the exclusive sector of the city, equivalent to the San Fernando de Cali, Prado de Barranquilla and Poblado de Medellín neighborhoods. As time went by, its inhabitants moved from south to north.


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4.30(4 reviews)

Avatar Tatiana

El tour muy interesante! Agradecimientos especiales a Richard, su pasión por Bogotá y el sello personal en la guianza....

Avatar Catalina

Es una forma diferente e interactiva de (re)conocer nuestra propia ciudad y/o conocer la historia detrás de la evolución arquitectónica y social de Bo...

Avatar Maria

Creemos que estuve muy bien! Aunque faltaba "un guión" del guía pues nos dio la sensación que la ruta fue más improvisada y poco trazada. Seguramente ...

Avatar Alejandro

Muy interesante recorrido guiado con datos históricos y arquitectónicos de distintas calles y casonas de la localidad de Teusaquillo. Totalmente recom...


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