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Journey to the Legend of El Dorado: Guatavita Lake and Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

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Uncover one of the greatest and most dazzling mysteries of the conquest of America

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Cultural, Ecotourismroadtrip:info.difficultyLevel Medio Bajo departuresFrom Bogotá, D.C. 10 roadtrip:info.hours

The dream of El Dorado, the city made of gold, led many conquerors to embark on a futile, and often deadly, search through the jungles and mountains of South America. Here in the heart of Colombia, very close to Bogotá, you can discover the meaning of the legend.

We will visit Guatavita Lake, an inspiring natural space that will help us elevate our imagination in this fantastic territory full of stories and legends. Within the indigenous worldview of the Muisca people, it signifies the navel of the world. Then, we will experience something magical, mystical, and unique in the world: Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, with 180 meters deep and over 200 years of history. Currently, the salt mine is a church. These two attractions come together to show us not only the beauty of nature but also the natural wealth pursued by both conquerors and indigenous people during the colonial era.


We will depart early from Bogotá straight to Guatavita Lake, the legendary place that obsessed European conquerors to madness: El Dorado. It was a world beyond imagination, a universe of indescribable golden glow that holds the splendor of ancient spiritual wealth. Guatavita Lagoon, the main center of religious offerings of the Muisca territory, is a natural reserve where along the way it is possible to observe lush flora and multicolored birds.

After this wonderful journey, we will continue to explore the history of the ancient Muisca culture. One of the greatest treasures of the Muisca people was salt, a product they used for trading gold, food, and animals. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá has over 200 years of history, and we will descend more than 180 meters deep into its mysticism and magic.


Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Discover the majestic Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, an unprecedented architectural wonder. Located 48 km north of Bogotá, this modern marvel, designed by Roswell Garavito Pearl in the 90s, lies 180 meters underground, in the Zipaquirá Salt Park, in the department of Cundinamarca. The story dates back to 1930, when miners built an improvised chapel in one of the tunnels. In 1995, a new church was inaugurated, built after extracting 250,000 tons of salt. Immerse yourself in the history and grandeur of this underground masterpiece.

Guatavita Lake

The lagoon of Guatavita, the main center of religious offerings of the Muisca territory is a natural reserve where on the way it is possible to observe exuberant flora and multicolored birds, weasels and foxes.


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💦 We will be at 3100 meters above sea level, so wear comfortable quick-drying clothes, a waterproof jacket, and windbreaker, as there may be rain or breezes.

🥾 We will hike along trails. Wear comfortable shoes, boots, or footwear with a sturdy grip sole and ankle support is ideal.

🧢 Bring a hat or cap, sunscreen.

💊 Bring your medications and personal documents (medical insurance card and ID).

🎒 Use a two-strap ergonomic backpack to carry on your back.


How to know if this plan is for you?

This trail is level 2 (easy). Ideal for beginners or those who want to enjoy nature with easy hiking trails. We will walk a distance of 7 km in 3 hours. Maximum altitude 3,100 meters above sea level.

Relevant Information:

  • Keep in mind that you are responsible for your belongings. Protect your electronic devices and personal documents from rain and moisture.
  • Make sure your cellphone is fully charged, as it will allow you to take pictures and use it in case of emergency.
  • Your safety is very important, so please be cautious, always keep the group in sight, and follow the guide's instructions.
  • Do not bring cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Do not attend a hike if you are sleep-deprived, intoxicated, pregnant, or have medical conditions.
  • Strictly follow your doctor's instructions regarding injuries and, if necessary, bring your personal medications.



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