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Ecotourism and Cultural Immersion in the Rosario Islands

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Isla Grande is a natural treasure, surrounded by corals, mangroves and a dry tropical forest.

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Isla Grande is the largest island in the chain of the Rosario Islands, it’s a lovely natural treasure with its coral reefs, mangroves and its dry tropical forest which reveal as much diversity of life in the sea as we are accustomed to seeing on land. It’s a little-known place which by virtue of being so manages to preserve the customs and the way of life of the Afro-Colombians, fishermen, sailors and artisans who live there.

This adventure will surprise you. You will have the chance to enjoy the delicate corral reefs, navigate the dense mangroves in a canoe and learn about the dedicated work being done to restore these wonderful ecosystems. You will also be able to walk through a dry tropical forest and experience a cultural exchange with the native communities living on the Caserìo de Orika.


Day 1

Welcome & induction to events: a canoe ride through the mangroves, to observe the bioluminescent plankton . We will arrive at a wonderful Eden of white sandy beaches, a seascape of many hues of blues and green and a coral reef formation where a beautiful underwater world waits to be explored, submerged beneath the surface. On the first day we will take advantage of the laid-back way of life of this island, enjoy the mangroves and lagoons in the islands interior and drift along in a rowing canoe, without the whine of outboard engines, so we can best enjoy the natural setting and the magic of this wonderful place.

That evening, if weather permits, we can enjoy a most unusual and beautiful spectacle, as we swirl our hands and feet in the shallows of the waves hitting the beach, we will see for ourselves how the water lights up with the bioluminescent plankton, an unforgettable sight.

Day 2

Careteo for the Coral Reefs and Cultural immersion

The sea encircling this island offers various experiences for admirers of the sea, accompanied by expert guides, anyone can swim or simply float over the sea bed and witness a show of extraordinary colour and life, or can enjoy the privilege of swimming amongst fish and corals and algae of a rainbow-host of colours. The most adventurous visitors can snorkel natural tide breaker formations of corals or can swim down to the sunken wreck of a light aircraft, now providing a refuge for innumerable fish calling this unnatural object their natural home.

Later in the same day we will call on the native inhabitants of the Caserìo de Orika to enjoy an afternoon of cultural immersion, and experience the life of people who live in a place where Time came to visit and simply stopped, as we see the authenticity of their quiet and simple lifestyle.

Day 3

Dry tropical forest, corals and water sports

On the last day, we can choose from different options: we can enjoy some more time amongst the corals, we can hike through a dry tropical forest or we can enjoy water sports. Let the spirit of the moment choose for you and enjoy this last day as takes your fancy.


Isla Grande

In the Rosario Islands the locals live a simple lifestyle, there are plenty of routes which are only ever transited on foot or by bicycle, the locals have kept their culture alive and young people as well as their elders feel proud to meet visitors. A day on Isla Grande offers many possibilities, guided by local Eco-guides you will experience unknown and unforgettable sights and experiences.


Orika, the picturesque village on Isla Grande, presents itself as a window to the past, where time seems to stand still among its cobblestone streets and vibrant-colored houses. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and bordered by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, Orika offers visitors an authentic and serene experience. Its inhabitants, reflecting the warmth of the Caribbean, live a simple and authentic life, adding a genuine touch to the atmosphere of the place. With its tranquil charm and connection to nature, Orika becomes a destination that invites exploration of the authenticity of island life while absorbing the cultural richness that defines it.


🚤Transport: La Bodeguita Pier in Cartagena - Isla Grande - La Bodeguita Pier in Cartagena.
🛏️2 nights of accommodation in selected room subject to availability.
🍽️ 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners.
🧾Activities: Coral Restoration Snorkeling. Mangrove Tour. Guided Tour of Orika Village. Bioluminescent Plankton Tour.
🏥 Medical Assistance Insurance.
✖️ Not included: Airfare tickets. Transfer from airport to Cartagena pier. Taxes and unspecified expenses not included in the plan.


The entire trip must be paid through the website up to 5 days before departure.
Children under 5 years old do not incur additional costs but must be informed at the time of booking. (The child must be under 5 years old upon arrival at the hotel).


  • Sunscreen and insect repellent (preferably eco-friendly). Sunglasses. Water bottle, thermos, or camelback (minimum 1.5 liters). Personal towel for use during hikes. Small backpack for use during hikes. Basic personal hygiene items. Snorkeling goggles or mask.
  • Passport, ID card, military card, and medical insurance card.
  • It's important to wear comfortable clothing, preferably synthetic, quick-drying, and light-colored. Closed and comfortable walking shoes that dry quickly. You can also bring additional sandals. Lightweight waterproof dress or swimwear. Hat or cap. Scarf, buff, or sarong to protect yourself from the sun.
  • It's very important to be well protected from the sun and constantly hydrated during the trip. Since the climate is very humid, it's a good idea to pack all clothing in airtight bags or dry bags inside your luggage, along with your personal documents and electronic equipment. Do not consume alcoholic beverages or psychoactive substances before or during the trip. Bringing a camera and binoculars makes it easier to observe wildlife.


4.80(2 reviews)

Avatar Adriana

Me quede en un hostal por las islas del rosario llamado el amaquero, me recogieron me llevaron a un recorrido por 1hora hasta el hostal bueno el se...

Avatar Liliana

Una experiencia maravillosa. Recomendación, llevar capa de plástico delgada y bolsas para las maletas por si llueve....


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