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Two-Day Trekking Expedition to the Heart of the Chingaza PNN

4.67(6 reviews)Bogotá, D.C. - La Calera - Fómeque - Bogotá, D.C.

Two days of walking from the La Playa River in the Chingaza PNN to the municipality of Fómeque

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Adventure, Ecotourismroadtrip:info.difficultyLevel Medio Alto departuresFrom Bogotá, D.C. 2 roadtrip:info.days

Because one day is not enough, we have designed a two-day plan: we will travel to the heart of the Chingaza National Natural Park (Río La Playa) to immerse ourselves in an 11 km route to the refuge in the La Laja Reserve. A privilege that very few people have had, entering through La Calera to this beautiful natural park to walk along the La Playa River surrounded by mixed vegetation belonging to the paramo, sub-paramo and high Andean forest.

On the first day we will arrive at the refuge in the La Laja Natural Reserve, we will have a delicious lunch and we will rest to wake up in this paradise. On the second day, we will take a short bird watching tour to follow the trail of species such as the yellow-winged parakeet, the sugarbird, the clarinero, the yátaro or toucan, the dove, different species of hummingbirds, among others. We will walk out of the reserve to have lunch at Fómeque and return to Bogotá.

⛰ Get out of the routine and embark on this path full of life and nature.

⛰ You could encounter the White-tailed Deer or the Andean Bear while walking in their habitat.

⛰ Learn about the history of our ancestors and how important this place was to them.

⛰ Enjoy the fog that covers this incredible landscape.

⛰ Stay in a natural refuge in the middle of the mountains

⛰ Marvel at the biodiversity that the moor houses.


We will visit the La Laja Reserve in the buffer zone of the Chingaza PNN. Habitat for the conservation of some species of fauna and flora belonging to the Colombian high mountains and for the protection of Andean Forests. In these reserves, the presence of endemic, threatened and common species of the high Andean belt, the sub-paramo and the páramo itself has been verified.

Among the mammals are: the Andean bear (Tremarctos ornatus), the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus goudotii), the soche deer (Mazama rufina), the tinajo or borugo (Cuniculus taczanowskii), the cusumbo or guache (Nasuella olivacea), the bat (Anoura sp.), the shrew (Cryptotis sp.), the field mouse (Thomasomys laniger) and the weasel (Mustella frenata).

The group of birds is the one with the largest number of species, of which the following stand out: the yellow-winged parakeet (Pyrrhura calliptera), the warbler (Myioborus ornatus), the sugarbirds (Conirostrum rufum and C. sitticolor), the clariner ( Anisognatus igniventris), the yátaro or toucan (Andigena nigritrostris), the dove (Patagioenas fasciata), the caica (Gallinago nobilis), the hummingbirds or tominejas (Eriocnemis cupreoventris, E. vestita, Coeligena helianthea, Oxypogon guerinii), the rufous tororoi ( Grallaria rufula), the tapaculos (Scytalopus griseicollis) and the moor duck (Anas andium).


La Laja Natural Reserves

The Reserves present diverse habitats for the conservation of some species of fauna and flora belonging to the Colombian high mountains and for the protection of Andean Forests. In these reserves, the presence of endemic, threatened and common species of the high Andean belt, the sub-paramo and the páramo itself has been verified. Among the mammals are: the Andean bear, the white-tailed deer, the soche deer, the tinajo or borugo, the cusumbo or guache.

Chingaza National Natural Park

It is an extensive territory that contains one of the main water sources that provides water to much of Bogotá. We will tour the lush mountains of this beautiful natural park.


Private transportation Bogotá - PNN Chingaza - Fomeque - Bogotá
Transportation by 4x4 from the Reserve to Fomeque
Entrance to the Nature Reserve
Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
1 Night Accommodation in a Shared Shelter
Guidance and environmental interpretation of the territory
Medical Assistance Insurance


Carry out a screening survey and report if you present any of the corona symptoms
Make use of PPE Personal Protection Elements during the trip, follow the recommendations of the trip coordinators and guides.
This hike requires good physical conditioning. Take into account the distance to travel and the difficulty of the trail (Medium Level)


😷 Bring a Personal Protection Kit

💧 It is important to carry a bottle of water and maintain constant hydration.

🧢 Wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. It is important to use sunscreen.

👕 Pack enough clothes to change into in case of rain and protect yourself from the cold. Comfortable, waterproof and breathable clothing. The weather is cold and with chances of rain. Use clothing that dries quickly, do not use cotton clothing. Remember the 3-layer theory: 1. A breathable layer; 2. A layer to protect us from the cold, for warmth; 3. A layer of protection, “waterproof shell”.

🥾 Preferably hiking shoes or shoes with good grip, the rocks can be smooth due to the humidity of the moor. They can bring dry change shoes in case your shoes get wet during the tour.

💊 Bring your medications and personal documents (medical insurance card and ID).

🎒 Carry all your clothes in one backpack so you can have your hands free and store all your luggage. You could bring waterproof protection for your backpack and store your most important things in plastic bags.

🔦 We suggest bringing a flashlight.

🦯 Walking stick (optional) but recommended.

🍎 It is important to bring some snacks such as cereal bars, sandwiches, fruits, and nuts that can be


Relevant information:

  • Keep in mind that you are responsible for your belongings. Protect your electronic devices and personal documents from rain and humidity.
  • Carry your cell phone charged, this will allow you to take photographs and use it in case of emergency.
  • Your safety is very important, please be cautious, always keep the group in sight and follow the guide's instructions.
  • Do not attend a walk late at night, while intoxicated, pregnant, or with medical disabilities.
  • Strictly follow your doctor's instructions regarding injuries and, if necessary, carry your personal medications.


4.67(6 reviews)

Avatar Pablo

Una experiencia super recomendada, la caminata es bastante dura, pero vale mucho la pena....

Avatar Amelia

Un destino maravilloso. El personal de la reserva es muy amable...

Avatar Claudia

El tour fue excelente. El operador y guia fueron muy simpaticos y la experiencia en general super buena. El resguardo esta muy bien organizado con el ...

Avatar Paola

Un viaje recomendado para conocer la flora y fauna del paramo. Mucho frío pero fue parte de la aventura. 100% recomendado...

Avatar Diana

Excelente experiencia, cumple con lo estipulado, recomendado...

Avatar Liliana

Me encantó la experiencia... super interesante, maravilloso el paisaje y la travesia....


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