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Wild Goal: Guape River Canyon and Güejar River Canyon (3 days)

4.68(5 reviews)Bogotá, D.C. - Mesetas - Uribe - Bogotá, D.C.

Discover the natural charm of the Guape River Canyon, see waterfalls and trails full of adventure

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Adventure, Ecotourismroadtrip:info.difficultyLevel Medio Bajo departuresFrom Bogotá, D.C. 3 roadtrip:info.days

Uribe Meta is an emerging ecotourism destination, which is located in the plains foothills, it has great water wealth, most of its sources are born in the largest moor in the world Sumapaz, among its mountains there are beautiful waterfalls and impressive canyons where you can live an experience full of adventure, while enjoying the exuberant nature of this territory.

On this trip you will also be able to see and enjoy the Güejar River Canyon in Mesetas, Meta. An incredible destination for those of us who enjoy rivers and waterfalls.

🚣 Rafting in the Güejar River Canyon

🚣 Tubing in the Guape River Canyon (Season January to March)

🚣 Walk to the impressive waterfalls and swim of Cortinas del Diamante


We will travel to Uribe, a municipality in the Department of Meta, where we will have the opportunity to be in an emerging destination full of nature and lots of adventure.

On this trip you will be able to:

Rafting in the Güejar River Canyon

Rafting in the Guape River Canyon (Season January to March)

Walk to the impressive Cortinas del Diamante waterfalls

This destination is emerging and has community actions where you can appreciate ecotourism and local initiatives of this resilient territory. It is currently a safe destination where peace agreements have been made and is open for adventure, community and contemplation tourism.

Important: The season to attend the Guape River Canyon is only from January to March


Güejar River Canyon

This magical place is popularly known as "The Hidden Jewel of Meta" also as "Colombian Thailand" a river that in summer is dyed emerald green and in winter it gains strength and has the most fun rapids, which is hidden among gigantic and ancient rock formations, is part of the buffer zone of the Serranía de La Macarena. During the tour you can see waterfalls of different sizes and shapes, see the diversity of fauna such as birds and primates, and you can also share with local guides who will tell you about their history and territory with a lot of love.

Guape Canyon

The journey through this closed canyon for four hours is a wonderful and fantastic adventure trip contemplating the beauty of nature made of rock, water and forest in a single setting of fun and energy. It is the place that invites you to be happy, to forget the world, to observe the green of its trees and the blue-green of the water, to detail the magnificence of the light that enters in a stream through small openings that allow its passage. The guape canyon is incredibly beautiful to feel like you can conquer the world.

Cortinas del Diamante Waterfalls.

His name means mystery, adventure, adrenaline and charm! It is made up of 3 different scenarios that along its route allow you to observe the landscape of the mountains that make up four natural national parks such as Sumapaz, Picachos, Tinigua and Sierra de la Macarena; In addition, walking among the tropical forests, its flora and fauna is a wonderful experience.


Private transportation round trip from Bogotá
4x4 transportation and rafting activity in the Güejar River Canyon
Food: 3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners
Lodging 1 night in Mesetas, 1 night in La Uribe
Tourist guide and road trip coordinator
Activities: Rafting in the Güejar Canyon, Rafting in the Guape Canyon, Access to waterfalls
Certified guides and equipment for adventure activities
Medical assistance insurance


Carry an identity document
Medical record errands, socialize if you have food restrictions
Do not consume alcohol or smoke during activities
Follow the guides' recommendations
The entire trip must be paid through the website 3 days before departure


💧Carry a bottle of water and maintain constant hydration,

🧢 Wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. It is important to use sunscreen, remember to use a mineral sunscreen for your face.

👕 Pack light clothes, enough for hot land for two days. We suggest long pants and a long-sleeved shirt since during the walks we will encounter trees with long branches and this will help us avoid scratches. It is also important to bring a raincoat in case of rain and a towel for personal use.

🩱Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and your personal towel.

🥾 Wear comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes, in any case avoid ballet shoes or cloth tennis shoes. It is important to bring a change of shoes in case your shoes get wet during the tour.

💊 Bring your medications and personal documents (medical insurance card and ID), there are no ATMs in the area. Therefore, we suggest bringing the cash you consider necessary for your personal expenses.

🎒 Do not use a wheeled suitcase and carry an additional kangaroo or small backpack so you can take your personal items on walks.

🔦 We suggest bringing a blanket for the cold in the early morning when leaving Bogotá, repellent and a flashlight.


✋🏻Keep in mind that you are responsible for your belongings. Protect your electronic devices and personal documents from rain and humidity.

✋🏻Carry your cell phone charged, this will allow you to take photographs and use it in case of emergency.

✋🏻Your safety is very important, please be cautious, always keep the group in sight and follow the guide's instructions.

✋🏻Do not attend a walk late at night, drunk, pregnant or with medical disabilities.

✋🏻Strictly follow your doctor's instructions regarding injuries and if necessary, carry your personal medications.


4.68(5 reviews)

Avatar Federico

Todo muy bien excelente experiencia, lo único por mejorar es el medio de transporte ya que era muy pequeño y los asientos no se pueden recostar...

Avatar Lina

Excelente experiencia en una zona en proceso de recuperación del conflicto armado, donde la gente nos brindó el mejor servicio en cada una de las acti...

Avatar Eliana

Un viaje muy organizado, debidamente planeado y un servicio muy eficiente. Mejoraría un poco los asientos de la van que son algo duros e incómodos par...

Avatar Nataly

El lugar mágico y una aventura increíble. Sin embargo a la coordinadora le hace falta coordinar, nosotros mismos éramos los que gestionabamos todo, el...

Avatar Liliana

Un lugar genial para visitar, los guías locales fueron muy atentos con el grupo, se disfrutó al máximo todas las actividades. Me gusta viajar con Road...


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