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Urban Hiking: Architecture and Art Tour in Bogotá

4.83(6 reviews)Bogotá, D.C.

Past, present and future of Bogotá architecture, a guided tour with historical, political and cultural anecdotes of the capital.

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Like a patchwork quilt darned anachronistically over time. This is Bogotá, a metropolis that celebrates the meeting of different architectures. Diverse and multicultural, the city has made significant efforts to protect the vestiges of its history.

This tour begins in the National Park to tour part of La Merced, La Macarena, Bosque Izquierdo and the Bavaria Central Park in order to propose a journey through time. We will complement the tour with historical, political and cultural anecdotes, this route highlights the importance of immigration for the development of Bogotá. Discover with us the neighborhoods of world-famous artists such as Botero or Grau. In the Colombian Montmartre that is a few blocks from the center.

🌇 Discover the architectural wonders that Bogotá keeps.

🌇 Learn about the history of art and how it has diversified in our city.

🌇 Get to know some of the most traditional neighborhoods in the capital.

🌇 Understand the importance of art in a multicultural territory, which is home to thousands of immigrants.


We will walk about 5 kilometers through the neighborhoods of La Merced, La Macarena, Bosque Izquierdo and the International Center. This tour will allow you to learn about the political, cultural and architectural history of Bogotá. We will be able to observe great works of architecture to learn about the evolution of this great city, and through anecdotes we will be able to transport ourselves to different eras that marked the history of Colombia.

Personalities mentioned: Le Corbusier 1887-1965 Gustavo Rojas Pinilla 1900-1975 Jorge Eliécier Gaitán 1903-1948 Rogelio Salmona 1927-2007


The Park Towers

Las Torres del Parque was a daring and misunderstood project designed by one of the most important architects in Latin America, Rogelio Salmona. This residential complex in the La Macarena neighborhood is made up of three brick buildings designed by the Colombian architect Rogelio Salmona between 1965 and 1970. The complex surrounds the Santamaría bullring, whose circular shape responds to its curved design.

Left Forest

The neighborhood is located on land that was owned by Mr. Antonio Izquierdo. There, the Austrian architect and urban planner Karl Brunner designed an urbanization in the 1930s based on the principles of the City Beautiful movement. His choice was due to the search for an alternative to the grid that had been applied in the city since the times of the Spanish Empire. The result of this approach is its diagonal layout and its cul de sac street known as La Raqueta.


Guide specialized in architecture, art and history of Bogotá
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🥾 It is important to wear comfortable shoes for walking.

🌤 Also bring sunscreen

🥤 Water

☔ Parasol

😄 A smile


Bring a PPE Personal Protective Equipment Kit (masks, antibacterial gel, alcohol spray, glasses, disposable tissues).


4.83(6 reviews)

Avatar Maria

Guía conocedor de la arquitectura bogotana muy amable. El recorrido es muy agradable...

Avatar Olga

Fue una experiencia muy enriquecedora, buenos datos históricos y un recorrido ameno....

Avatar Carolina

¡Nos encantó el recorrido!...

Avatar Martha

Muy interesante experiencia !!! Se aprende y se conoce cosas nuevas...

Avatar Rosa

Paseo muy enriquecedor, un forma muy agradable de conocer la ciudad...

Avatar Miguel

Buena experiencia. Conocimos mucho más del sector centro de Bogotá como La Macarena y la Candelaria....


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