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Lost City of Falan and Cristalina Canyon Expedition

5.00(0 reviews)Bogotá, D.C. - Falan - Puerto Boyacá - Bogotá, D.C.

Discover history and nature in the Lost City of Falan and Cristalina Canyon. Unique experience in Colombia!

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Adventure, Ecotourismroadtrip:info.difficultyLevel Medio Bajo departuresFrom Bogotá, D.C. 2 roadtrip:info.days

The trip between the Lost City of Falan and the Cristalina Canyon in the Serranía de las Quinchas is an experience that merges history and nature. In Falan, we explore the 17th-century ruins of the Royal Mines of Santa Ana, where figures such as José Celestino Mutis and Simón Bolívar left their mark. We immerse ourselves in history as we tour tunnels and walls, and enjoy the lush landscape of the Quebrada Morales.

Next, we headed to the Serranía de las Quinchas, previously inaccessible due to the conflict, but now open to the public. Here, we marvel at the Cristalina Canyon, with rock formations more than 200 meters high. We explore this spectacular landscape, finding natural pools and waterfalls between the rocks.

🏞 Lost City of Falan

🏞 Cristalina Canyon

🏞 Marvel at the biodiversity of the rainforest


Day 1

We begin our journey in the Lost City of Falan, a place where the past comes to life among the 17th century ruins of the Royal Mines of Santa Ana. Here, prominent figures of Colombian history such as José Celestino Mutis, Francisco José de Caldas, Alexander Von Humboldt and Simón Bolívar left their mark. We will tour the tunnels, walls and stone cellars that are still preserved, marveling at the enduring architecture and the atmosphere steeped in history. In addition, we will venture along the path that borders the exuberant Quebrada Morales, immersed in the exuberance of nature that surrounds this magical place.

Day 2

We continue our adventure in the La Cristalina Canyon located south of the PNR Serranía de Las Quinchas, it is a combination of the stream called La Cristalina with clean and clear water and a karst rock formation, with beautiful and high walls, transforming the landscape into Imposing Canyons where species such as the guácharo live. We walk on the stones, we cross natural obstacles that allow us to live a unique experience, in the different rocks we can observe ammonites (fossil incrustations) that date back to the Cretaceous era 60 million years ago, the rocks or rocks that form the canyon are of great geological and anthropological importance


Cristalina Canyon

The Cristalina Canyon is a natural wonder located in the department of Boyacá, in Colombia. This canyon extends for more than 5 kilometers and has impressive scenic beauty that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. The Cristalina Canyon is characterized by its high rock walls, which reach heights of up to 200 meters, and by the river that flows through it, which is known for its crystal-clear waters.

Serranía de las Quinchas

The Serranía de las Quinchas is an 860 km2 area of tropical rainforest and high mountain tropical cloud forest in the foothills of the western flank of the eastern Andes of Colombia in the middle of the Magdalena River valley.

Lost City of Falán - Santa Ana Mines

The small town famous for its ancient mining exploitation. The road initially goes through a part of the immense valley that extends between the Guaduas and paramos mountain ranges (Herveo, Quindío) towards Neiva. An area of heavy gold and silver exploitation during the colonial era.


Transportation round trip - Return from Bogotá
1 Night Accommodation
Food: 2 Breakfasts - 2 Lunches - 1 Dinner
Activities: Entrance and guided tour to the lost city of Falan and visit to the Cristalina Canyon.
Road Trip Coordinator. And local guides.
Medical assistance insurance


The minimum age for this trip is 10 years old.
Follow the recommendations of the trip coordinators and guides.


💧 It is important to carry a bottle of water and maintain constant hydration, water consumption will keep us in optimal conditions to carry out the travel plan.

🧢 Wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. It is important to use sunscreen, remember to use a mineral sunscreen for your face.

👕 Pack light clothes, enough for hot land for two days. 🩱 Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and towel for personal use.

🥾 Wear comfortable shoes, preferably shoes that can get wet. They can be hiking or tennis. It is important to bring a change of shoes or sandals in case your shoes get wet during the tour.

💊 Bring your medications and personal documents (medical insurance card and ID), there are no ATMs in the area. Therefore, we suggest bringing the cash you consider necessary for your personal expenses.

🎒 Do not use a wheeled suitcase and carry a kangaroo or small backpack so you can take your personal items on walks.

🔦 We suggest bringing a blanket for the cold in the early morning when leaving Bogotá, repellent and a flashlight.


  • Relevant information:
  • Keep in mind that you are responsible for your belongings. Protect your electronic devices and personal documents from rain and humidity.
  • Carry your cell phone charged, this will allow you to take photographs and use it in case of emergency.
  • Your safety is very important, please be cautious, always keep the group in sight and follow the guide's instructions.
  • Do not attend a walk late at night, while intoxicated, pregnant, or with medical disabilities.
  • Strictly follow your doctor's instructions regarding injuries and, if necessary, carry your personal medications.



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