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Visit to the Wiwa Indigenous Community Refuge Gotsezhy

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Accompanied by indigenous guides, we will get to know the culture and customs of those who inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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On this excursion to the Gotsezhy Refuge, you can come with family or as a couple to live with the Wiwa Indigenous Community. We will learn about their culture, beliefs, customs, values, and sustainable knowledge systems that articulate the life of the Wiwa indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the balance they maintain with nature.


Day 1

Departure We depart approximately at 8:00 am from Santa Marta heading to the Wiwa Indigenous Community Gotsezhy. At 9:30 am, we will arrive at the district of Guachaca, where we will start the trekking of approximately two hours to the Gotsezhy Refuge. Upon arrival at the Wiwa Indigenous Community of Gotsezhy, we will initially rest and settle in, then interact with the Wiwa community living in this region. We will have a traditional lunch with the Indigenous Community and then visit the surroundings of Gotsezhy, interacting with the culture and traditions of the Wiwa indigenous people, natives of the region. Additionally, we will enjoy a refreshing swim in the Guachaca River and at the enchanted waterfall Matuna. Around 5:00 pm, we will gather and chat with the indigenous guide about the cultural customs and traditions, and two hours later, we will rest until the next day.

Day 2

We will wake up at the Wiwa Indigenous Community Gotsezhy refuge. After breakfast, we will immediately visit ancestral and cultural sites, with talks and exhibitions of Wiwa handicrafts. Around noon, we will have lunch, followed by a rest, and then you can either trek back to Guachaca or the 4x4 vehicle will take us back to the city of Santa Marta around 4:00 pm.

Note: The itinerary for the tour to the Gotsezhy Refuge may vary depending on weather conditions and means of transportation on land.


Gotsezhy Refuge

The Gotsezhy Refuge is a small Wiwa Indigenous village nestled in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at 450 meters above sea level, housing approximately more than 50 Wiwa families. The region is crossed by a river named after the village, "Elecanto." It is considered a cultural, educational, administrative, and political center of the Wiwa people in the Magdalena department.


Wiwa Indigenous Guide
Ecological Trekking to Gotsezhy
All meals and snacks
Water bottle
Interaction with the Indigenous Culture of the Sierra Nevada
Travel insurance
Contribution to indigenous and peasant communities
Accommodation in a hammock
Transportation in a 4x4 truck
Medical assistance insurance




  • Small backpack, camera.
  • Comfortable clothing and sturdy sandals.
  • Bio-repellent, sunscreen, biodegradable toiletries.
  • Bathing suit, flashlight.
  • Personal medicines, yellow fever, and tetanus vaccines.


During this trek to the Gotsezhy Refuge, the privacy of the indigenous people must be respected. We should not enter their quarters or take photographs of them or their belongings without first asking for permission or speaking with the guide to indicate the protocol to follow.

Only bring the essentials, as weight is a determining factor when walking. Make sure to be in good physical condition, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages the day before, and return all garbage to Santa Marta.

Do not damage natural or cultural assets. There is no mobile phone signal at the Gotsezhy Refuge and during the tour, so inform your family and friends that you will only be able to communicate with them once you return from your experience.

During the day, the weather is hot and humid, so we recommend wearing comfortable clothes, T-shirts, and shorts for walking. At night, the temperature drops slightly, and there is a greater presence of mosquitoes and other insects, so it's important to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts for sleeping and use insect repellent.



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