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Mini Diving Course and Dives in the PNN Tayrona

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Learn to dive and discover the marine world, where you can enjoy an unforgettable experience

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If you are in Santa Marta and you are a nature-loving traveler and you like to live unique experiences, this mini diving course is for you. In this mini course you will be able to immerse yourself in a protected area, with the best physical and human equipment, where you will have an introductory explanation to explore the underwater world.

This is not a diving certification course, however it will motivate you to want to advance in diving. You will learn safety guidelines and the skills necessary to dive under the supervision and accompaniment of a PADI professional.

Get ready for:

🤿 Know the equipment you use for diving and how easy it is to move underwater with your equipment.

🤿 Discover what it feels like to breathe underwater.

🤿 Learn key skills you will use during every scuba dive.

🤿 Have fun swimming around and exploring.


We will learn the basic concepts of diving to practice safely. Professional instructors will provide you with information on diving equipment and practice on its correct use.

After this, two dives will be made in the Caribbean waters at the PNN Tayrona. Depending on the weather conditions, we can dive in one of the 9 certified spots. Each dive will last approximately 40 minutes.

The Tayrona PNN offers a large number of places to dive, places with high environmental conservation that allow you to enjoy incredible diving. A wide variety of colorful and reef fish of all types and sizes come together to create beautiful underwater landscapes.


According to the natural conditions PNN Tayrona Punta Aguja (Option 1)

It is an interesting diving destination to discover coral diversity, it is located in front of Taganga Bay, south of the Tayrona National Park,

According to the natural conditions PNN Tayrona Bahía Granate (Option 2)

It is a destination for diving very close to a paradisiacal beach, with coral and fish diversity, within the protected area, 25 minutes by boat from Taganga.


Complete diving equipment
Marine transport
Two dives will be made
PADI professional instructors
Snack between dives


No experience is necessary but you do need to be physically active.
Be older than 10 years


🌴☀Travel equipment: Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Canteen, thermos or camelback. Towel. Small backpack for personal things.

🤓 Special recommendations: It is very important to be well protected from the sun and constantly hydrated during the trip.

It is important to carry some identification document.


The immersion location options are chosen according to the weather conditions and the reports provided by the Santa Marta International Marina.

If you have performed a non-decompression dive, it is recommended to wait a minimum of 12 hours before boarding a plane.



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