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4 Days in the Mavecure Hills, an Expedition to the Heart of Guainía

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Explore the imposing Cerros de Mavecure, a Curripaco indigenous territory with dark waters characteristic of the Amazon

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If you are looking for an expedition full of adventure, history, cultural exchange and exuberant nature, Guainía is a perfect place for you. You will be able to explore a mystical and emblematic Amazonian territory for its imposing monoliths known as Cerros de Mavecure, where nature is the protagonist with epic landscapes full of adventure and with many stories to learn.

This is a multi-ethnic territory where various indigenous communities such as Puinave, Curripaco, Tucano, Cubeo and Sikuani live, a territory that houses very important water wealth such as the Inírida, Guaviare, Atabapo and Orinoco Rivers. This territory still preserves a very powerful ancestral knowledge, where the manifestation of life is present in every corner and that will undoubtedly provide you with valuable spaces to connect with nature, where you will leave your comfort zone to encounter the natural wonders of Guainía.

🌄 Get to know the territory of Guainía

🌄 Enjoy the imposing Cerros de Mavecure

🌄 Take a walk along the Inírida River Star

🌄 Cultural exchange with indigenous communities

🌄 Learn from community processes in Indigenous reservations

Note: It is suggested to book flights at least one month in advance, airlines such as SATENA are recommended, which have direct flights from Bogotá.


Day 1

Reception at the Cesar Gaviria Trujillo airport in the municipality of Inírida. We will meet at the airport to transfer to the hotel. Then we will go out for lunch and taste the delights of local cuisine. Then we will go to visit the community of Coco Viejo where the small community where the Amarrú rock park is located. Depending on the water level, we can see the different petroglyphs that are carved into the stones and that symbolize the importance of specific rituals for the Curripaco ethnic group. There, we will watch the sunset and then return to the hotel. Free Dinner.

Day 2

Early to go to the epicenter of the River Star of the East, we will stop at the MORU Natural Reserve (Vichada) where we will do the activity of ascent to the tree canopy, climbing more than 20 meters high above the Mataven jungle and the Orinoco River (Optional plan not included). We have lunch, and then we will go to the mouths of the Atabapo River. After noon we return to the Cerros de Mavicure, sailing along the Inírida River and passing the different indigenous communities that are part of the tourist corridor; Almidón, Caranacoa, La Ceiba, Paloma, Santa Rosalía, Huesito, Remanso and Venado. Upon arrival, we settle into our accommodation and watch the sunset at a nearby viewpoint. Dinner and rural accommodation.

Day 3

We will get up early at 4:00 am to make the ascent to Cerro Mavicure of approximately 300m. When we descend, we will have breakfast to continue with the expedition in the indigenous community of Remanso, where we will begin the approximately 9 km walk, first, to Cerro Diablo or to the Inírida flower savannah (depending on climatic conditions); We continue the walk passing through the middle of the Mono and Pajarito hills; From there we go out to the Mavicure stream where the boat will pick us up to return again to the Venado camp or to the community of Remanso. We will go out to watch the sunset in the red waters of Caño San Joaquín. Dinner and rural accommodation (Hammock).

Day 4

In the morning we will get up early to leave the Mavicure hills and head back around 5:30am to the city of Inírida; When we arrive, we will go to breakfast. Depending on the flight schedule, we will be able to visit some artisan shops and then head to the Cesar Gaviria Trujillo airport, check-in and finish the expedition, waiting for the next experiences in the land of many waters.


Coco Viejo Community

On the banks of the Inirida River, where the Guaviare and Inirida Rivers converge and privileged with pictograms left by the ancient settlers, is the Coco Viejo Community. Its inhabitants are mainly dedicated to the production of traditional crafts and agriculture. This place is mandatory on your visit to Puerto Inirida.

The backwater and the hills of Mavicure

Cerro Mono, Cerro Pajarito and Mavicure are the places that give life to the legend of the Puinave indigenous people in which a beautiful princess became the flower of Inírida. Located in the Guiana massif, fifty kilometers from the capital of the Department, these immense hills rise to allow us to carry out recreational activities such as hiking, contemplation of fauna and flora, bird watching, camping and water sports in the river. , like canoeing.

Moru Nature Reserve

A reserve space in the middle of the Orinoco jungle, where we can learn about biodiversity and the importance of caring for it.

The River Star of the East

Through the Inírida River we can reach the Guaviare River, and later - an hour away - we will find the waters of the Atabapo River, and with those of the Orinoco. From this meeting of currents of different colors and sediments, the shape of a star is born, a unique mixture that gives rise to a peculiar landscape. This place has the Ramsar Territory diploma, a title awarded to the destinations with the greatest water wealth in the world. In the Guainía there is three times more water than in the entire European continent.


River transportation to the Cerros de Mavicure and destinations in the tourist corridor. Does not include local transportation in Inírida.
Hotel accommodation for 1 night. Accommodation in a community or camp for 2 nights.
Food: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners per person. Vegetarian option.
Local guiding services, local transportation, logistics operation with indigenous communities and their community tourism associations
Entry, permits at points of interest and travel insurance.
Not included: Entry tax at the airport. Nor air tickets. It does not include a plan to climb the trees in the MORU nature reserve. Additional $70,000 per person Easy Fly - Satena are the airlines that travel to Inírida.


Have the Yellow Fever Vaccine
The minimum age for this trip is 15 years old.
Not recommended for pregnant women
The entire trip must be paid through the website 5 days before departure


😷 Bring a kit of personal hygiene items, preferably ecological and easily biodegradable, it is important to bring protection for mosquitoes.

💧 Carry a bottle of water and maintain constant hydration.

🧢 Wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. It is important to use sunscreen, remember to use a mineral sunscreen for your face.

👕 Pack light clothes, enough for hot land for five days and that include a change of clothes. We suggest long pants and a long-sleeved shirt since some routes have trees with long branches and this will help us avoid scratches. It is also important to bring a raincoat. Carry comfortable luggage previously packed in plastic bags to avoid humidity

🥾 Wear comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes, in any case avoid ballet shoes or fabric tennis shoes. It is important to bring a change of shoes in case your shoes get wet during the tour.

💊 Bring your medications and personal documents (medical insurance card and ID), there are no ATMs in the area. Therefore, we suggest bringing the cash you consider necessary for your personal expenses.

🎒 Do not use a wheeled suitcase and carry an additional kangaroo or small backpack so you can take your personal items on walks.

🔦 Carry a headlamp.

🧴 Bring organic repellent and sunscreen to avoid contaminating water sources.

🩱 Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and towel for personal use.


  • Keep in mind that you are responsible for your belongings. Protect your electronic devices and personal documents from rain and humidity.
  • Carry your cell phone charged, this will allow you to take photographs and use it in case of emergency.
  • Your safety is very important, please be cautious, always keep the group in sight and follow the instructions of the guide or trip coordinator.
  • Do not attend a walk late at night, while intoxicated, pregnant, or with medical disabilities.
  • Strictly follow your doctor's instructions regarding injuries and, if necessary, carry your personal medications.
  • It is recommended to reserve your plan at least 3 weeks in advance of the selected travel date. Short dates will be subject to hotel availability, air flights and river transportation.
  • For people with special health restrictions, it is recommended to consult your doctor before purchasing your airline tickets.
  • During the rainy season (June, July, August, October and November) the river and its tributaries rise, allowing boats to navigate more properly within the flooded forest and enjoy a magical setting over high canopies that provide a beautiful option for bird watching. In the summer season (December, January, February, March and April) you can see a beautiful scenery with landscapes of beaches, savannahs and streams, ideal for resting and hiking along various trails.
  • For older people, it is important to verify health conditions to take ecological walks and demanding, extensive tours and extreme weather conditions.
  • In the department of Guainía –Inírida, the provision of services to this tourist destination is subject to changes according to weather conditions that, depending on the season of the year, may generate delays in the itinerary; When modifications are presented, they will be agreed upon with the group, seeking to develop the activity to satisfaction and especially guaranteeing safety.


4.50(2 reviews)

Avatar Maria

Recomiendo totalmente el viaje. La región es preciosa, de las más bonitas de Colombia, y las comunidades son muy amables. Todo fue muy agradable y con...

Avatar Perla

La experiencia fue muy agradable, los paisajes increíbles. la comunidad indígena que no s acogió fue muy amable y encantadora. No obstante, si se evid...


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