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Trekking to the Edge of the Nevado de Santa Isabel Glacier.

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Climb to 4,750 meters above sea level and see the edge of the Nevado de Santa Isabel glacier.

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Colombia currently has 6 glaciers whose areas gradually decrease over the years. One of them is located in the Nevado de Santa Isabel, listed as one of the easiest to access for the hiking public. Enter the Nevados National Park in this exciting experience and get to know the snow on the edge of this glacier before it disappears due to the climate changes we are currently experiencing.

It passes through sub-moorlands, we stop and super stop to master a 7 kilometer path (approximately 6 hours long), we will make an ascent from 4,100 meters above sea level to reach 4,750 meters above sea level. on a medium level hike 馃ゾ


We will leave very early in the morning to enjoy a day in the mountains in the spectacular Los Nevados National Park. Before starting the day we will have a peasant breakfast on a farm before entering the PNN. Then we will continue in the 4x4 car to reach approximately 4,100 meters above sea level where we will begin our trekking to the glacier.

In this medium level hike we will be able to get to know the high mountain landscape, we will make a 4 km access until we reach the edge of the glacier where we will find snow. This will be a magical moment to enjoy the beautiful mountains of the Andes of Colombia. Here we can enjoy and have our lunch on the go to recharge our batteries. Afterwards we will descend to return to the cars and return to our city of origin.


Nevados National Park

It is located in the central park of the Andes Mountains, it is well known for its snow-capped peaks and volcanoes, among them the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano with very active volcanic activity.

Black Lagoon

It is a lagoon located within the PNN, whose name refers to its deep vegetation that gives a dark reflection to its waters.

Snowy Santa Isabel Glacier

Glacier located at 4,750 meters above sea level. It is one of the glaciers with the highest melting rate in the entire national territory.


Custom 4脳4 land transportation.
PNN Los Nevados entry.
Application for PNN Los Nevados permits.
Professional Guide and endorsed by Parque de los Nevados.
Food: Peasant breakfast, marching lunch (Sandwich, nuts, drink)
Medical assistance insurance
Foreign travelers without an Immigration Card must pay an additional $30,000.


People with heart or respiratory problems or pregnant women cannot attend. Suggested minimum age 10 years, maximum age 65 years.


馃樂 Carry a PPE Personal Protection Elements Kit (Masks, antibacterial gel, alcohol in a spray bottle, glasses or mask, disposable tissues, bag for personal waste disposal).

馃挧 It is important to carry a bottle of water and maintain constant hydration, we will go on long walks and maintaining hydration is healthy.

馃Б Wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. It is important to use sunscreen, at this altitude the sun's rays are more powerful, which is why sun protection is very important. Also in the snow it is very important to protect your eyes, it is necessary to wear sunglasses.

馃憰 We suggest avoiding the use of cotton clothing and wearing synthetic fiber clothing that allows quick drying, in general special clothing for high mountains: jacket, quick-drying pants, wool hat, gloves, glasses with UV filter. Don't forget your change of clothes in case you get wet or muddy.


Keep in mind that you are responsible for your belongings. Protect your electronic devices and personal documents from rain and humidity.

Carry your cell phone charged, this will allow you to take photographs and use it in case of emergency.

Your safety is very important, please be cautious, always keep the group in sight and follow the guide's instructions.

Do not bring cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Do not attend a walk late at night, while intoxicated, pregnant, or with medical disabilities.

Strictly follow your doctor's instructions regarding injuries and, if necessary, carry your personal medications.



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